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Valley Food Storage Review


This review will be for Valley Food Storage there White Bean & Lime Chili 2 serving meal pouch.  The first thing I love about this company is that you can read all the ingredients and actually understand what they are and what they do, Second is that it is made in the USA, I love all things made in the USA and can remember a time when we made a lot more products in our country back when our country was doing a lot better than now. Also this company as you can read below on the package has No MSG, No Trans Fats, No Oil, and No Cholesterol. How many of these food storage companies out there can you say give this kind of quality into the food we put into our bodies.

16264976471_53dfb4d0c8_z OK now lets get to cooking this chili, when you open up the sealed pouch you can smell all the spices and ingredients they smell great.


The directions are bring 2 1/4 cups of water to a boil or 2 cups for a thicker version.

16080673369_1ff8a11f71_z Then whisk in entire contents of package and bring to a boil.


Then turn down heat to a gentle boil for 15 to 18 minutes, its nice to know that you have to cook this food as long as it takes to cook the actual beans in it, Its not just pour some water in a pouch and mix it around until your so called food is heated up. they also give you an option to add your choice of meat if you like meat, which i very much do. So i added 3/4 of a pound of ground beef  you could of used chicken, pork, or what ever your personal choice.


So after mixing the contents of the package and the beef together, I then added some shredded cheddar on top and a spoonful of good ole sour cream, and this is what the finished meal looks like and it smells great too.


Now your meal is all ready, It makes 2 servings or you can just make half of the pouch and reseal it with its resealable top and save the rest  for another day. Ok its time for the taste test, now i have had other companies chilies and they were not that bad, but this brands chili was full of flavor, you could taste all the spices that were put in it, and i never had a white bean lime chili before but it tasted like you would of made it from scratch at your house, so its safe to say that this company has done it’s research and have made a quality product. I was also sent a coupon from Valley Food Storage for any of my fellow preppers to get a 20% OFF a 2 person 72 hour kit use coupon code: vsfget20 You can order that amount or you can just try a sample pouch for free just pay the shipping&handling so its up to you, but i would definitely give them a try. I am going to be putting in a order  so I can try more of there great products and see what I like best. I hope you find this review useful and please e-mail me with any other products you would like me to try out for you. Thanks and keep on prepping.

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