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How To Grow Blueberries


So why should you grow blueberries, well lets think blueberries are one of the most Antioxidant rich foods in the world. And since antioxidants are necessary for life and are well known to reverse and prevent heart disease and even cancer. They have much needed Manganese which is a trace mineral necessary for all living …

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9 Survival Foods That Last Forever


Survival food is something every prepper should store plenty of. Being prepared will make it that much easier and less stressful when a disaster strikes. Most foods have expiration dates, so planning is essential to make sure it stays fresh. But if you want some food that will never spoil and has many other great …

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18 Low Cost Ways To Start Prepping


Being prepared will take time and money, but in the event of a disaster you will be much happier being supplied and having the knowledge on what to do. Getting started can be confusing on where and what to do first. So here’s an article that will help you to put a plan in place …

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How To Open A Can Without Tools Or Opener


┬áMany people ask me, what can I do If I have no can opener or tools and want my can open without destroying the can or whats in it. Well normally I show them the trick you are about to watch. I hope you like it.    

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How To Make Cold Process Soap


If you want to be more self sufficient and learn how to make soap in the event of TEOTWAWKI. Then here’s a great article for you, with this skill you will be able to maintain hygiene for you and your family, and also sell or barter with it. How To Make Cold Process Soap

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28 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide


Now I knew hydrogen peroxide could be used for a lot of different things, but I didn’t know how many practical uses it has. Or how many conditions it could treat. Hydrogen Peroxide is very inexpensive, so being a prepper I am going to have some in my first aid kit and home. Because it …

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7 Basic Knots Everyone Should Know


Knowing how to tie useful knots is an invaluable skill set. Especially in a survival situation, there is a wealth of different knots out there that you can learn. But with so many different knots to choose from, you might not know which ones to learn first. So I found this video that has 7 …

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How To Grow Mushrooms In 2 Weeks


Among the many food items you can grow in your home or garden, there are some that not only delicious but important to your health. Pearl oyster mushrooms are very easy to grow, and becoming more well known for its culinary value. In addition to that, though, it has an amazing medicinal aspect being explored …

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How To Make Candles


Making candles is a great skill to learn. Not only will you be able to make different types Pillar, Container, Glass Jar or Clay molded shapes. You can also choose from many different scents you or your family likes and merely mix them in. Don’t forget the nice supply of candles you will have the …

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20 Jams,Jellies and Spreads Recipes


If you are a prepper like me, you like to do everything yourself. I enjoy canning for several reasons, being able to grow and preserve my own gardens bounty, knowing where my foods been and whats in it. (Commercial foods have a host of additives,artificial colorings,flavorings and a ton of added sodium, don’t forget about …

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