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Bartering and Prepping Tips: Why it is important

Here is a great article wrote by a prepper from Lier Capitol who gives great advice on how you can do a few simple things with your finances that will make sure they are still there after the SHTF, because we all know if we rely on the government or someone else to take care of it …

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8 Mistakes To Avoid When You Bug Out


The SHTF and you have just made it to the wilderness after bugging out, So now what? If you have a plan in place then you are starting in the right direction. To avoid some mistakes a lot of campers or survivalist make then read this article and it will give you some good advice …

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5 Steps to Follow After a SHTF situation!


    As prepper’s,  there are many questions we should be asking ourselves.  How will we react in a SHTF situation?  Do you have a plan in place thereby ensuring that the correct measures are followed without delay?  Have you made certain to have supplies on hand, such as, food, water, ammo, medical supplies, etc.  Well, we …

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7 Things You Should Know About Bushcraft

7 things

  Here’s a article by survivalcache.com. Its about 7 aspects of bushcraft, and how you need to keep them all in mind, when the situation arrives. If you learn these skills, and can use them in any jungle, desert, mountain terrain. Your bushcraft skills will help you stay alive.   7 Things You Should Know …

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Can You Handle Being Alone If The SHTF


We all have spent many days and nights without friends and family, but that was probably by are choice. Here’s a great article by SHTFblog that goes thru how you might think, act when it comes to solitude. And some great strategy to help one get thru the whole ordeal. Can You Handle Being Alone …

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How To Build A Solar Oven


Here’s a great article I used to make my solar oven with. The reason I choose this design instead of others. Its made out of all items you probably already have at your home or apartment. Very easy to follow directions, uses reflected surface in oven, instead of paint(don’t like putting paint and heat with …

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Bug Out? Should I Stay or Go?


As preppers we all ask ourselves this question, here’s a article that goes over a few scenarios on how things might be. After reading this, you should think about how to be better prepared. Having a plan is the best course of action I always say, with a plan in place when and if TEOTWAWKI …

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Collecting Rain Water From Your House Now Illegal?


This might come to a shock to you, but did you know if you have been collecting and storing rain water, you might be breaking the law. Yes this does sound crazy, but many states in the United States have restrictions and even bans on collecting rain water at home. I never knew the government …

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6 Bushcraft Skills Every Prepper Should Know


  Bushcraft skills are something that every prepper, survivalist, backpacker and woodsman should know. In the past some people defined survival as living as best as you could, and bushcraft was the art of being able to live in the bush (in the outdoors) for extended periods not only having the skills to sustain life …

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Preparing for Winter In 2014


With winter just around the corner its time to make sure us preppers are prepared. They say due to a decline in solar activity combined with ocean-atmosphere patterns in the Pacific and Atlantic will result in below normal temps and above normal snowfall during most of the winter across most of the US. Even if …

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