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How To Make Candles


Making candles is a great skill to learn. Not only will you be able to make different types Pillar, Container, Glass Jar or Clay molded shapes. You can also choose from many different scents you or your family likes and merely mix them in. Don’t forget the nice supply of candles you will have the …

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20 Jams,Jellies and Spreads Recipes


If you are a prepper like me, you like to do everything yourself. I enjoy canning for several reasons, being able to grow and preserve my own gardens bounty, knowing where my foods been and whats in it. (Commercial foods have a host of additives,artificial colorings,flavorings and a ton of added sodium, don’t forget about …

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15 Home Remedies to Reduce Cholesterol


Here’s a great article from commonsensehome.com. It has 15 different things you can do to reduce your cholesterol. Now I should of said 14, because #7 on the list I quite don’t agree. But you can tell me what you think, by sending me an email. No problem if you don’t, Its just I’m not …

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DIY Tin Can Waveguide WIFI Antenna


Do you need to increase the range of your wireless network? Then I have a great  DIY Tin Can Waveguide Antenna that’s great for you. This project can be done for 5 dollars, and a food, juice, or other tin can. I tried this project myself and it worked great, it works just as good …

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DIY Chicken Coop Free Plans


  Raising chickens is a must if you want to be self sufficient or living off the grid someday. And when you raise chickens you need a place to put them. Here’s a DIY Chicken coop that gives you a material list, and visual aids. These plans would cost 20 to 40 dollars anywhere else …

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How To Make A PVC Bow


This is a short video on making a Pvc bow by the backyard bowyer. He has many videos out, with different strengths, sizes, styles. Being a prepper, I think learning how to do this will come in handy when the SHTF. So have fun watching and learning from this young Bow maker. You can see …

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How To Make A Smokeless Fire


Being preppers and loving the outdoors. We all love sitting around a good fire, But no matter what direction the wind is blowing, or where you sit. The smoke seems to follow you around and get in your eyes. Watch this video it has some great advice on how to reduce the smoke produced by …

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20 Garden Pallet Projects


  Lets all agree that pallets can be turned into a vast amount of things. I know that i have a couple of pallet projects on my to-do-list. I ran into this great post with 20 cool pallet projects for your garden, and i couldn’t stop reading it. This article has a lot of good …

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33 Projects For Preppers


    The Preppers Life is a very productive one. While others don’t bother being prepared, that’s not the preppers way. We believe being ready for any situation that comes to hand. In doing this, we will be much better off if things go bad. So check this list out, and see if there’s any …

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3 All Natural Mouthwash Recipes

all-natural-mouthwash 1

  If you like doing thing’s yourself, as I do. Then give these recipes a try, there natural, don’t have harsh chemicals or dyes. When you like them, drop me an email, and I’ll be sure to post more recipes.    3 All Natural Mouthwash Recipes

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