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How To Grow Blueberries


So why should you grow blueberries, well lets think blueberries are one of the most Antioxidant rich foods in the world. And since antioxidants are necessary for life and are well known to reverse and prevent heart disease and even cancer. They have much needed Manganese which is a trace mineral necessary for all living …

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9 Survival Foods That Last Forever


Survival food is something every prepper should store plenty of. Being prepared will make it that much easier and less stressful when a disaster strikes. Most foods have expiration dates, so planning is essential to make sure it stays fresh. But if you want some food that will never spoil and has many other great …

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How To Make A Pallet Wood Floor


As preppers we all love to make something out of nothing. So here is a great project I found that takes wood pallet pieces and uses them to finish a pantry floor in a home. It is a intelligent, well thought out idea that comes out excellent. Check it out. How To Make A Pallet …

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Carry Concealed Legally In 29 States


If you want to follow your Second Amendment “right to bear arms” like every red blooded American should be able to do. You have to follow your states laws and regulations, which I don’t have a problem doing and did. But now that’s normally only good for that state only. So now say you want …

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18 Low Cost Ways To Start Prepping


Being prepared will take time and money, but in the event of a disaster you will be much happier being supplied and having the knowledge on what to do. Getting started can be confusing on where and what to do first. So here’s an article that will help you to put a plan in place …

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How To Open A Can Without Tools Or Opener


 Many people ask me, what can I do If I have no can opener or tools and want my can open without destroying the can or whats in it. Well normally I show them the trick you are about to watch. I hope you like it.    

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75 Benefits And Uses Of Apple Cider Vinegar


The more you learn on how to utilize something the more useful it becomes. Its safe to say almost everyone has a bottle of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar in there house. After reading this article you will learn so many uses for that vinegar. Now with just 1 bottle of vinegar how many …

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DIY Acrylic Fire Piston


As prepper’s we all know how important fire is, from cooking to water purification and heat. So lets learn how to make an inexpensive see through fire piston. This video will give you step by step directions on making your own fire piston. You will need some tools, materials, and some good old fashioned elbow …

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How To Grow Potatoes In A Garbage Can


If space is an issue with your garden, then I have a great way to grow some spuds. I have used this method myself because I don’t have a lot of space. So here’s a great article with step by step directions that are in printable format already. Mikesworld.org has done a great job with …

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How To Can Pickled Beets


Well It’s time for my beets to be harvested soon, so I figured I would give you a recipe for pickled beets. I enjoy beets for there unique source of phytonutrients called betalains. Betanin and vulgaxanthin are the two best studied betalains from beets, and both have shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. …

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