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3 Steps for Surviving Any Situation


Do you know what to do when a disaster strikes, are you physically and mentally prepared. Well these are questions that all of us prepper’s should ask ourselves. I like to be prepared for what ever can come around the bend, but lets face the facts we wont know when disaster will strike. The guys …

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How To Make A Smoke Grenade


The use of a smoke grenade in a SHTF situation could save your life, whether its for cover to escape unseen or to gain a tactical advantage. You could also keep one in your B.O.B just in case you have to signal your position if lost. The use of a smoke grenade can be very …

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10 Benefits of Using Pink Himalayan Salt


We all know by now how important salt will be to survival, but are you using the right salt. I have been using Pink Himalayan Salt for about a month now and let me tell you I have noticed the difference. It has many of the minerals that your body needs unlike processed table salt …

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DIY Smokehouse


If you like to smoke your own meat, which acts as a natural preservative. Then I have a great Cedar smokehouse for you, the guys at theownerbuildernetwork.co and smoking meat forums have done an excellent job, they give you a material list, step by step pictures directions and the smoking meat forums will give you …

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15 Home Remedies for Seasonal Allergies


Do you want relief from seasonal allergies without harmful pharmaceuticals? Well look no further this post provides seasonal allergy relief with herbs, and supplements. Plus it will tell you about certain foods that will help reduce symptoms or make them worse. common sense homesteading does a great job on this article so go check it …

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Survival Skills: 5 Myths of Dehydration


We all know the importance of water to any survival situation. How much water you get will determine the way you feel, energy and most important the way you think. Well Tim Macwelch over at outdoorlife.com has wrote an article about the myths of dehydration it explains what you should and shouldn’t do. Check Out …

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6 Rules To Follow When Cleaning Your Guns


  As I was about to write this article, I read a local news story about a man who shot his girlfriend in the leg while cleaning his gun. I hate to hear these stories because it’s so easy to avoid these types of accidents. Just by following some easy to follow steps every time …

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How To Make A Still


  How To Make A Still Would you really like to know how to make a still? A DIY still certainly has its uses. Don’t you just hate it when you find yourself on a desert island with nothing but 20 feet of refrigerator coil, a 5-gallon bucket, and a stove? (And a mason jar …

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A Preppers First HAM Radio


Every prepper should be a licensed HAM radio operator. Getting your HAM radio license involves a bit of study, but there are plenty of step by step resources available that will guide you down the path. But once you have your license, what next? Choosing the proper equipment is a little daunting, what do you …

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4 Easy Animal Traps For Off-Grid Survival


Survival snares and traps will help feed the family during a long-term disaster or simply if you’re looking to supplement the menu choices when living off the grid or on a rural homestead. Traps and snares hang, trap, crush or choke the prey. The best type of snare or trap to construct is a simple …

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