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Preparing for Winter In 2014


With winter just around the corner its time to make sure us preppers are prepared. They say due to a decline in solar activity combined with ocean-atmosphere patterns in the Pacific and Atlantic will result in below normal temps and above normal snowfall during most of the winter across most of the US. Even if …

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How To Air Seal Your Attic for Energy Savings


With today’s cost of living being at record high’s, you have to save money any and every place you can. So why not air seal your attic it will save you money on winters heating bills and summers cooling. I have done research on what energy saving improvements can be done to save you money, …

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How To Build A Lawnmower Powered Generator


If you are looking to use and old lawnmower motor or you just need a small generator. Then I have a great project for you, this article has a parts list. how to instructions, and all the wiring diagrams and other information needed. The writer of the original post built his for only $40 dollars, …

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21 Work From Home Jobs to Get You Off-Grid


If you would like to work from home and not deal with daily commutes, over populated cities, and a boss. There are many options out there with today’s technology and the internet, just make sure to do your homework and check out the opportunity before jumping all the way in. Here is a great article …

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Police Say You’re On Your Own


It’s the middle of the night you hear a noise downstairs, someone has broke into your home. It’s up to you to protect your loved ones, so you call 911 and hope they get there in time. But with response times as unreliable as they are, as you’ll soon learn in this video, your safety …

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10 Steps to Prep Your Pet


Lets face it if you have a pet they are definitely part of the family. So just like one of your children you have to make sure to prepare an emergency disaster kit for them to. Here is an article from are friends at prepforshtf.com that will help you with the task at hand. Check …

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Winter is Coming: Getting Your Vehicle Prepped for Emergencies


Winter is coming soon, some states already have received there first snow. So lets do as all preppers do and prepare early before its to late. I know most of us have an emergency car kit, but when did you check it last, are the batteries still good, is the food still fresh and are …

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4 Wild Medicines You Can Harvest This Fall


Autumn is upon us and with fall comes colds, coughs, the flu and many other problems. So why not be prepared and collect some of natures wild medicines that are in harvest now.  Mother Nature provides everything we need, rather than using harsh man made chemicals which can do more harm than good; I believe …

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Benefits of Gardening With Chickens


If you ever thought of raising chickens to be more self sufficient and have a great source of organic eggs and meat. Well these guys are great for alot more than just that. The guys at communitychickens.com are doing a series of posts with gardening with chickens, they have found out  the advantages, Disadvantages, and …

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SunJack 14 Watt Portable Solar Charger Review


Whether you are out in the woods camping, backpacking, or practicing your survival skills. If you need to charge something solar is the way to go. Sunjack 14watt foldable solar charger is priced fair for the gear you get. Its size when all folded up is about the same as a notebook. The total weigh …

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