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14 Home Remedies For Arthritis & Joint Pain


If you have arthritis and joint pain then you know how even walking to get the mail can be a chore on days that the pain is bad. Arthritis joint pain can affect you 24 hours a day whether you are standing or sitting, the pain can be unbearable. So instead of putting harmful  prescription …

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4 Wild Teas Every Survivalist Should Know


In a survival situation having a warm beverage can be extremely beneficial. In cold conditions, the warm tea can keep your vitals safe, and keep your body hydrated. So knowing how to make certain teas that can relieve pain or boost your immune system can determine how well you do in that survival situation. So …

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9 Deadly & Dangerous Plants To Avoid


When you are out in the woods foraging some of mothers earth wild and beautiful plants, you have to keep an eye out for the none edible deadly plants that are out there. Some people think that North America does not have such plants but unfortunately that’s incorrect. Some of these plants are so toxic …

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Solar Flares


Gеоmаgnеtіс асtіvіtу іѕ іnсrеаѕіng ѕееіng thаt thе Sun аррrоасhеѕ thе реаk оf іtѕ mаgnеtіс сусlе іn 2013. Pеорlе lіvіng іn thе nоrthеrn lаtіtudеѕ mау hаvе nоtісеd mоrе аurоrа bоrеаlіѕ іn thе hеаvеnѕ аttrіbutаblе tо hіghеr асtіvіtу оn thе Sun. Whіlе а роѕіtіvе іmрасt оf thе hіghеr ѕun ѕроt асtіvіtу іѕ thе rісhnеѕѕ оf thе nоrthеrn …

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8 Bug Out Vehicle Considerations


As a prepper we all know to have a Bug Out Vehicle ready. Now there are many type’s of vehicles available, whether it be a car or truck, fuel injected or carburetor, non computer controlled or the latest design, the choices are endless. So if you are thinking of getting a new vehicle for everyday …

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6 Survival Uses For Animal Bones


Whenever you’re put into a survival situation you must use everything around you as tools, bedding, weapons and more, anything you can think of or create that will be useful to you. Animal bones have been used for thousands of years to help people survive. You were taught at a young age to never waste …

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Solar Water Heating Basics


  The amount of money and energy wasted to heat water is mind boggling, for most people hot water heaters continuously cycle on and off for them to just use the hot water a few times a day.  In just a 24hr time period you take a shower, wash your hands a bunch, and wash …

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Sleep Deprivation in a Survival Situation


Sleep deprivation is a condition where you just don’t get enough sleep. As with many of us in life we all think we are sleep deprived, but the difference in not having a couple extra hours of sleep and having sleep deprivation in a survival situation can result in life and death. Poor sleeping habits …

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Surviving a Blizzard in a Car


With the winter ahead of us many areas of are country will get snowfall. If you are one of the areas that gets snow the chances of you getting stuck in a blizzard increase. You may need to know how to survive a blizzard in your car. Besides keeping an emergency car kit stocked with …

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16 Home Remedies for Arthritis


The older we get the more arthritis starts to affect are lives, and instead of putting harmful chemicals into are bodies every time we are in pain. Lets try these 16 home remedies for arthritis from are friends over at commonsensehome.com they use more herbs, fruits, and vegetables, along with diet and exercise. Lets go …

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