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Valley Food Storage Review


This review will be for Valley Food Storage there White Bean & Lime Chili 2 serving meal pouch.  The first thing I love about this company is that you can read all the ingredients and actually understand what they are and what they do, Second is that it is made in the USA, I love …

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6 Bushcraft Skills Every Prepper Should Know


  Bushcraft skills are something that every prepper, survivalist, backpacker and woodsman should know. In the past some people defined survival as living as best as you could, and bushcraft was the art of being able to live in the bush (in the outdoors) for extended periods not only having the skills to sustain life …

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20 Bug Out Location Considerations


  Every prepper wants there own bug out location, whether it be a small cabin hidden in the woods, or a fortified bunker underground somewhere, just knowing we have a place to go to when the SHTF that we can keep our loved ones safe would be good enough for most. But lets face it …

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5 Knife Making Tutorials


Here’s a great article I found from pioneersettler.com it gives you 5 knife making tutorial ideas. The ideas are how to make a knife from a stone, saw blade, pry bar and an old lawn mower blade. It even shows you how to make a spoon knife from an old car spring. So check out …

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550 Fire Cord Survival Gear Review


In a survival situation we all know how useful paracord can be, whether it’s being used to make a shelter or fasting a knife into a spear, the options are endless what you can do with this survival tool. Now they have made paracord even better its called Fire Cord along with the 6 inner …

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10 Amazing Homemade Soap Recipes


   If you like to be self-sufficient like most preppers and homesteaders do, then you most likely make your own soap. Since there is so many different ways and varieties to make homemade soap, it is hard to pick which one you would like to try. If you try these ten amazing varieties or even …

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121 Homesteading Skills for the Modern Day Homesteader


Many of us want to be completely self-sufficient and to live off-grid one day, but to be able to get to that point in our life we must hone are skills and learn as we go. Homesteading is hard work its a full time job for a family to live off-grid and plant a full …

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4 Things To Do Prior To The Dollar Collapsing


We all know how bad the economy is and how close we are to a financial collapse, its not the question of if its going to happen but actually when its going to happen. So do what we do best and that’s prepare, here is an article by survivopedia.com they give you four things to …

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How To Survive Hypothermia


  In many situations it is possible to become hypothermic, but if you do not know the symptoms or how to reverse them this already dangerous condition will definitely become a matter of life and death. Here is a great article by howtosurviveit.com written by Jeremy Knauff who has experienced this condition several times and …

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10 Reasons Prepping Should Be More Mainstream


Here is an article I found by mainstream preppers they explain why prepping should be more in the norm, and how even are government is spending vast amounts of are tax money on prepping for there survival. So for a good read. Check Out: 10 Reasons Prepping Should Be More Mainstream  

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