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Can You Handle Being Alone If The SHTF


We all have spent many days and nights without friends and family, but that was probably by are choice. Here’s a great article by SHTFblog that goes thru how you might think, act when it comes to solitude. And some great strategy to help one get thru the whole ordeal. Can You Handle Being Alone …

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How To Build A Solar Oven


Here’s a great article I used to make my solar oven with. The reason I choose this design instead of others. Its made out of all items you probably already have at your home or apartment. Very easy to follow directions, uses reflected surface in oven, instead of paint(don’t like putting paint and heat with …

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Is Your Survival Knife The Right One For You


    Is the knife your carrying the right knife for you. There are many things to consider when picking out your knife. Such as tang of the knife, is it a full tang or only partial, handle there are many types alot will do, as long as they are not hollow. We use are …

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DIY Dandelion Salve


Most people don’t know how useful dandelions can be, In fact they think of them as weeds. Did you know that dandelions contain many vitamins and minerals. Some people eat the leaves, make herbal tea from the roots, even batter and fry the flowers, and much more. With that being said, today I am going …

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Bug Out? Should I Stay or Go?


As preppers we all ask ourselves this question, here’s a article that goes over a few scenarios on how things might be. After reading this, you should think about how to be better prepared. Having a plan is the best course of action I always say, with a plan in place when and if TEOTWAWKI …

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How To Make A Brick Rocket Stove


Rocket stoves are great  for getting your water purified, heating a meal in a survival situation. So here’s a great how to video that shows you just what you need to know and do.

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How To Build 3 Life-Saving Snow Shelters


    You are on a hiking trip in the woods in the winter, and with very little warning a snow storm moves in fast. You know you wont have the time to make it back to your vehicle or shelter before it gets dark. Luckily you have your backpack with some supplies, a knife,and …

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The 5 Best Burning Woods for Heat


If you are like me and save money everywhere you can, then you probably already burn wood. Whether it’s for heat, cooking, water purification, or you like a warm shower. There is many type’s of wood and they all burn different HPC heat per cord measured by BTU’s by the millions and typically range between …

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The 6 Best Wood Burning Stoves For Off Grid Heat


There are many types of wood burning stoves on the market today. The six type’s we will be talking about are the Traditional, Multi-fuel, Boiler, Inset, Pellet and Soapstone these are the best out of the bunch. Now when picking a stove for off grid living you have to pick the stove that’s right for …

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Collecting Rain Water From Your House Now Illegal?


This might come to a shock to you, but did you know if you have been collecting and storing rain water, you might be breaking the law. Yes this does sound crazy, but many states in the United States have restrictions and even bans on collecting rain water at home. I never knew the government …

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