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How To Survive The Ebola Virus


The prepper’s life is one of trying to see possible problems in our future, and prepare for them. When it comes to Ebola you might need a little more than the standard duct tape and plastic sheeting.

Ebola has been plastered all over the news for the last few weeks, while only one person has died of the virus in our country, the potential is there to pose a big problem under the right circumstances.

If you use a little common sense, and some prior planning, you should be able to survive an outbreak in your area.


Staying clean is important in normal times, but with Ebola stalking about, it takes on a new urgency.

Your skin is a natural barrier to viruses and other bugs, and it does an admirable job in most cases. By keeping yourself clean, and washing your hands often, you are getting rid of any stray viral cells that may cling to your skin before they have a chance to infect you. All cuts and scraps should be kept covered since they afford an opening for infection.

You should avoid touching your mouth nose or eyes to keep infection chances at a minimum. High alcohol content hand sanitizer should be used whenever possible, if you cannot wash.

Ebola is virus, and as you can see it can act similar to the flu virus. At this point the best information says it is not airborne, so unless you contact infected body fluids, or an infected person sneezes in your face, simple vigilance and cleanliness should do a good job of protecting you.

Boost your Immunity

If for some reason the virus makes it into your body, your next line of defense is your immune system. If it is weak, or compromised you are a much higher risk of getting sick from Ebola.

If however, you have a strong immune system, and have only a minor exposure, you stand a much better chance of your body defeating the infection before you become sick.

You can boost your immune system by increasing your intake of foods that will increase your resistance. These foods include turmeric, garlic, ginger and elderberries. Eating lighter healthier meals, which do not require your body to do a lot of processing to digest them, can help also. Heavy meals full of bad fats, sugar and artificial ingredients will actually make you more susceptible to disease.

You should also try to put off any heavy physical fitness regime, since in the short term these programs tear down the body to build it back stronger. Moderate exercise is fine.


Every person has their own considerations to think of when it comes to isolating themselves while this sickness passes by.

If your job and family obligations allow it, the smart move might be to just stay in and have as little contact with others as possible.

If anyone in your family is potentially exposed you need to be prepared for at least a 21 day quarantine. Prepare for this ahead of time, because if things get too bad there may be no support from the government (food and water) available.

If you or your family get sick

First of all don’t panic, at this time it is extremely unlikely you have Ebola, unless you are in a high risk group.

Get professional help as soon as possible. This will be your best bet unless the local health system is already overwhelmed by the sick. You may want to contact your personal doctor by phone and ask how to proceed.

If the system is overwhelmed, you will need to break out the duct tape and plastic to try to isolate your sick family member. Treatment at home will consist almost solely of support of the sick person until they recover or die.

Ebola is a serious problem but if you keep yourself clean and limit your potential exposure, you should be able to make it through.





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