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How To Grow Mushrooms In 2 Weeks

mushrooms1Among the many food items you can grow in your home or garden, there are some that not only delicious but important to your health. Pearl oyster mushrooms are very easy to grow, and becoming more well known for its culinary value. In addition to that, though, it has an amazing medicinal aspect being explored more by science. The benefits of this particular mushroom range from production of natural statins, which lower LDL cholesterol, to combating cancer. A chemical known as pleuran is found in the pearl oyster species, thought to be capable of reducing tumors. This substance, a polysaccharide called beta d-glucan, is a complex carb currently being researched in connection with its possible role in cancer treatment. As you can tell by now I really like mushrooms and there nutritional values. Here’s an article from The National Institute of Health doing research on this type of mushroom and others. Whether you choose to buy oyster mushrooms, or grow them from a (kit.) That’s what I do, you get more for your money. I highly recommend you do either one, you will love the taste and the nutritional value is a plus.

How To Grow Mushrooms In 2 Weeks

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