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Great Survival Rifle For Any Prepper

x caliber 10


The X-Caliber, by Chiappa firearms. Its a rifle based on the M6 rifle, with a few upgrades, but the best addition to this rifle is, a set of multiple caliber adapters that come with it. The X-Caliber includes 8 steel adapters from Gear Up’s (X Caliber) system, which converts the 12-gauge smooth-bore into a rifle for 8 separate pistol calibers including:  .380 , 9 mm , .357Mag/.38SP , .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP , .410/.45colt, and down-sizes to .410 and 20-gauge for a total of 12 calibers. Gear-Up has tested .223 and .308 inserts.

x caliber 1111 The butt-stock includes space for 3 12-gauge shells and (1 taken up by a factory cleaning kit) and 5 .22 rounds. The barrels are both 18.5″ in length, 34.6″ overall length, and feature M1-style adjustable sights. The front post is fiber optic. The X-Caliber retails for $749.00 (including the full insert kit), One more thing, the 8 inserts can be used with any single or double barrel single shot 12 gauge shotgun. I have requested a X-Caliber for a complete Review so watch out for that.


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