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Category Archive: Survival Gear

5 Knife Making Tutorials


Here’s a great article I found from pioneersettler.com it gives you 5 knife making tutorial ideas. The ideas are how to make a knife from a stone, saw blade, pry bar and an old lawn mower blade. It even shows you how to make a spoon knife from an old car spring. So check out …

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550 Fire Cord Survival Gear Review


In a survival situation we all know how useful paracord can be, whether it’s being used to make a shelter or fasting a knife into a spear, the options are endless what you can do with this survival tool. Now they have made paracord even better its called Fire Cord along with the 6 inner …

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How To Build A Lawnmower Powered Generator


If you are looking to use and old lawnmower motor or you just need a small generator. Then I have a great project for you, this article has a parts list. how to instructions, and all the wiring diagrams and other information needed. The writer of the original post built his for only $40 dollars, …

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SunJack 14 Watt Portable Solar Charger Review


Whether you are out in the woods camping, backpacking, or practicing your survival skills. If you need to charge something solar is the way to go. Sunjack 14watt foldable solar charger is priced fair for the gear you get. Its size when all folded up is about the same as a notebook. The total weigh …

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