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25 Uses For Rubbing Alcohol


Rubbing Alcohol is something that’s in almost every home in america. Its used to clean minor cuts and scrapes, sterilize thermometers and other medical equipment. Also used as a disinfectant in households to keep germs at bay. Its relatively inexspensive and has many uses. So check these 25 uses out and see how many you …

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DIY Chicken Coop Free Plans


  Raising chickens is a must if you want to be self sufficient or living off the grid someday. And when you raise chickens you need a place to put them. Here’s a DIY Chicken coop that gives you a material list, and visual aids. These plans would cost 20 to 40 dollars anywhere else …

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How To Make A Smokeless Fire


Being preppers and loving the outdoors. We all love sitting around a good fire, But no matter what direction the wind is blowing, or where you sit. The smoke seems to follow you around and get in your eyes. Watch this video it has some great advice on how to reduce the smoke produced by …

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Tips On Surviving A Night In Your Car


  We all have had those close calls in are vehicles, whether it was bad weather related, or vehicle problems.  We all have spent countless hours, waiting for the weather to clear, or help to arrive.  So here’s a great article from survivallife.com, fellow preppers who have some great  tips for us to follow. So …

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20 Garden Pallet Projects


  Lets all agree that pallets can be turned into a vast amount of things. I know that i have a couple of pallet projects on my to-do-list. I ran into this great post with 20 cool pallet projects for your garden, and i couldn’t stop reading it. This article has a lot of good …

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33 Projects For Preppers


    The Preppers Life is a very productive one. While others don’t bother being prepared, that’s not the preppers way. We believe being ready for any situation that comes to hand. In doing this, we will be much better off if things go bad. So check this list out, and see if there’s any …

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13 Bread Recipes

bread 1

  Ben Franklin once said, By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Who would of known such a great man, was a prepper from long ago. With that being said, here’s some great bread recipes. So go get baking and let me know how homemade bread tastes.     13 Bread Recipes

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DIY Homemade Lip Balm


  Here’s another great DIY project. When the SHTF,  lip balm isn’t going to be readily available anymore. So why not hone your skills, and learn one more thing, to your ever growing list of accomplishments. Let’s face it, prepping is hard work, but it’s definitely worth it.   DIY Homemade Lip Balm  

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DIY Homemade Lotion


  Making your own lotion has its benefits. Homemade lotion doesn’t have mystery additives, you can add your own natural scents. Such as aloe vera gel, oatmeal water, rose water, glycerin or honey.  And when the grid goes down, that’s one more thing you will have to barter with others.       DIY Homemade Lotion

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Ignition Sources For Your Fire Kit

fire kit

  Here’s a  video by Dave Canterbury, he talk’s and shows you what he uses in his own fire kit. And how your fire kit will evolve, as you will. As you become a more skilled bushcraft, survival skilled, prepper. So watch and learn, Knowledge is everything.    

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