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4 Things To Do Prior To The Dollar Collapsing


We all know how bad the economy is and how close we are to a financial collapse, its not the question of if its going to happen but actually when its going to happen. So do what we do best and that’s prepare, here is an article by survivopedia.com they give you four things to …

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How To Survive Hypothermia


  In many situations it is possible to become hypothermic, but if you do not know the symptoms or how to reverse them this already dangerous condition will definitely become a matter of life and death. Here is a great article by howtosurviveit.com written by Jeremy Knauff who has experienced this condition several times and …

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10 Reasons Prepping Should Be More Mainstream


Here is an article I found by mainstream preppers they explain why prepping should be more in the norm, and how even are government is spending vast amounts of are tax money on prepping for there survival. So for a good read. Check Out: 10 Reasons Prepping Should Be More Mainstream  

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5 Steps to Follow Instantly After a SHTF Situation


No matter what kind of SHTF situation may occur, sooner or later it will happen. You will notice people in shock just standing there with blank looks of fear and confusion on there faces, But that’s not you, you’ve prepared and practiced drill after drill being ready to save you and your loved ones. Why …

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31 Dollar Store Items For Survival


With today’s economy preppers have to save money where we can, so there’s no other place cheaper than the dollar store. Where else can you go where everything is a buck. You would be surprised how many survival items you can get at dollar stores, if you are interested Check Out this article on. 31 …

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7 Methods of Primitive Fire Starting


When in a survival situation fire is one thing you must have to survive, whether for water purification, cooking game, much needed warmth, and much more. So why not learn as many ways to start a fire just in case your matches, lighter, or other fire starting tools are lost or not working anymore. Check …

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21 Prepping Items to Look For Every Time You Go To A Yard Sale


With the economy the way it is you have to save money prepping when and where you can. So the next time your out looking at yard sales, pawn shops, thrift stores, estate sales, or anywhere that has bargains. Keep this excellent list in mind. You will be shocked on what prepping items you can …

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How To Survive The Ebola Virus


The prepper’s life is one of trying to see possible problems in our future, and prepare for them. When it comes to Ebola you might need a little more than the standard duct tape and plastic sheeting. Ebola has been plastered all over the news for the last few weeks, while only one person has …

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4 Wild Teas Every Survivalist Should Know


In a survival situation having a warm beverage can be extremely beneficial. In cold conditions, the warm tea can keep your vitals safe, and keep your body hydrated. So knowing how to make certain teas that can relieve pain or boost your immune system can determine how well you do in that survival situation. So …

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6 Survival Uses For Animal Bones


Whenever you’re put into a survival situation you must use everything around you as tools, bedding, weapons and more, anything you can think of or create that will be useful to you. Animal bones have been used for thousands of years to help people survive. You were taught at a young age to never waste …

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