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Bartering and Prepping Tips: Why it is important

Here is a great article wrote by a prepper from Lier Capitol who gives great advice on how you can do a few simple things with your finances that will make sure they are still there after the SHTF, because we all know if we rely on the government or someone else to take care of it …

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How to Build a 330 Gallon Water Storage System For Your Home


Most preppers understand the importance of water for survival in any type of situation. And with the right size water storage on hand this will free up time for other daily chores. The video’s below will explain in 4 parts, Where do you start? What barrels can be used? How do you clean them? How …

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How To Set Up Your First BeeHive


Honey is great for survival and living off-grid, here is just some of what it can do. It aids the body making it stronger to fight allergies. It prevents cancer and heart disease, reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders, its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and reduces cough and throat irritation, its also great for blood sugar regulation, …

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How to Protect Your Bug Out Location


OK you planned ahead for a SHTF situation by storing water, food, medicine, weapons, ammo and more. Now if you are planning to bug out to a remote location, or stay put you are going to need to know how to protect you, your family, and all your gear. This article will teach you how …

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How To Make A Brick Rocket Stove


Rocket stoves are great  for getting your water purified, heating a meal in a survival situation. So here’s a great how to video that shows you just what you need to know and do.

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How To Build 3 Life-Saving Snow Shelters


    You are on a hiking trip in the woods in the winter, and with very little warning a snow storm moves in fast. You know you wont have the time to make it back to your vehicle or shelter before it gets dark. Luckily you have your backpack with some supplies, a knife,and …

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5 Knife Making Tutorials


Here’s a great article I found from pioneersettler.com it gives you 5 knife making tutorial ideas. The ideas are how to make a knife from a stone, saw blade, pry bar and an old lawn mower blade. It even shows you how to make a spoon knife from an old car spring. So check out …

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10 Amazing Homemade Soap Recipes


   If you like to be self-sufficient like most preppers and homesteaders do, then you most likely make your own soap. Since there is so many different ways and varieties to make homemade soap, it is hard to pick which one you would like to try. If you try these ten amazing varieties or even …

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How To Survive Hypothermia


  In many situations it is possible to become hypothermic, but if you do not know the symptoms or how to reverse them this already dangerous condition will definitely become a matter of life and death. Here is a great article by howtosurviveit.com written by Jeremy Knauff who has experienced this condition several times and …

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How To Build A Barn Style Greenhouse


When ever i am looking around the internet for great articles with valuable information for preppers, once in awhile I find free plans to build something, with good directions on how to. So here is one I found that I thought would be very useful, So I hope you like it. Check Out How To …

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