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Category Archive: Foraging

9 Deadly & Dangerous Plants To Avoid


When you are out in the woods foraging some of mothers earth wild and beautiful plants, you have to keep an eye out for the none edible deadly plants that are out there. Some people think that North America does not have such plants but unfortunately that’s incorrect. Some of these plants are so toxic …

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4 Wild Medicines You Can Harvest This Fall


Autumn is upon us and with fall comes colds, coughs, the flu and many other problems. So why not be prepared and collect some of natures wild medicines that are in harvest now. ┬áMother Nature provides everything we need, rather than using harsh man made chemicals which can do more harm than good; I believe …

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42 Flowers You Can Eat


Being a prepper I use any and everything to its fullest extent. Yes that means flowers to, you would be surprised how you can flavor your food with certain flowers. So here’s a comprehensive article by Melissa Breyer at treehugger.com that gives you a breakdown of each flower. Now before you start eating any old …

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