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Benefits of Gardening With Chickens


If you ever thought of raising chickens to be more self sufficient and have a great source of organic eggs and meat. Well these guys are great for alot more than just that. The guys at communitychickens.com are doing a series of posts with gardening with chickens, they have found out  the advantages, Disadvantages, and …

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DIY Chicken Coop Free Plans


  Raising chickens is a must if you want to be self sufficient or living off the grid someday. And when you raise chickens you need a place to put them. Here’s a DIY Chicken coop that gives you a material list, and visual aids. These plans would cost 20 to 40 dollars anywhere else …

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DIY PVC Chicken Feeder

mg_9898 pvc

  Here’s a great DIY project!  Those of us who raise chickens know that feeding them is a daily chore.  As Preppers… with a little time, ingenuity and some PVC we can  take care of this problem.  Set your mind at ease and follow these simple step by step instruction’s. DIY PVC Chicken Feeder 

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7 Steps To Raising Chicken’s


  Raising chickens is just good common sense as a Prepper.  Chickens are easy to care for, they only require food, water, and proper shelter, while the benefits to you are endless.  They provide great tasting fresh egg’s which are nutritious, free of chemicals, all the while manufacturing great fertilizer.  Don’t forget the chicken dinner’s …

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