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Category Archive: Bugging Out

8 Mistakes To Avoid When You Bug Out


The SHTF and you have just made it to the wilderness after bugging out, So now what? If you have a plan in place then you are starting in the right direction. To avoid some mistakes a lot of campers or survivalist make then read this article and it will give you some good advice …

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20 Bug Out Location Considerations


  Every prepper wants there own bug out location, whether it be a small cabin hidden in the woods, or a fortified bunker underground somewhere, just knowing we have a place to go to when the SHTF that we can keep our loved ones safe would be good enough for most. But lets face it …

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7 Bug Out Tips From Backpackers


If you enjoy backpacking you know how great it is for getting you out in the wilderness and getting you in better shape. Backpackers have been practicing “emergency preparedness” and “survival” skills long before these movements even had a name, so if anyone can give you great real world bug out tips a backpacker sure …

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