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Category Archive: Alternative Energy

The 5 Best Burning Woods for Heat


If you are like me and save money everywhere you can, then you probably already burn wood. Whether it’s for heat, cooking, water purification, or you like a warm shower. There is many type’s of wood and they all burn different HPC heat per cord measured by BTU’s by the millions and typically range between …

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The 6 Best Wood Burning Stoves For Off Grid Heat


There are many types of wood burning stoves on the market today. The six type’s we will be talking about are the Traditional, Multi-fuel, Boiler, Inset, Pellet and Soapstone these are the best out of the bunch. Now when picking a stove for off grid living you have to pick the stove that’s right for …

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Solar Water Heating Basics


  The amount of money and energy wasted to heat water is mind boggling, for most people hot water heaters continuously cycle on and off for them to just use the hot water a few times a day. ┬áIn just a 24hr time period you take a shower, wash your hands a bunch, and wash …

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