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Build a Survival Library A Bug Out Tablet


Tablets, like the Kindle, Ipad, and Android are often overlooked pieces of gear on many survivalist sites. Many people don’t understand how they function, where they store data, and who has access to them. I believe they may turn out to be invaluable pieces of gear, they store tons of information, and the kindle, can run for weeks on a single charge. They can be charged by lightweight solar panels, or hand crank generators. So just think of how many books filled with so much useful information, and pictures of which plants are edible or not edible, all can be easily carried with you only weighing a couple of ounces. Also remember how many of these books you can get for Free right here on theprepperslife.com, So if this sounds good to you and it should read this article by art of manliness it will help you get started. Check Out

Build a Survival Library A Bug Out Tablet




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