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Bartering and Prepping Tips: Why it is important

Here is a great article wrote by a prepper from Lier Capitol who gives great advice on how you can do a few simple things with your finances that will make sure they are still there after the SHTF, because we all know if we rely on the government or someone else to take care of it …

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5 Ways To Use Tree Bark In A Survival Situation


In a survival situation you must learn to use as much of your surroundings as you possibly can. And what is around you the most in the wilderness tree’s and bark. Now one very popular use of tree bark is tinder for your fire, but in a survival situation there is so much more you …

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How to Build a 330 Gallon Water Storage System For Your Home


Most preppers understand the importance of water for survival in any type of situation. And with the right size water storage on hand this will free up time for other daily chores. The video’s below will explain in 4 parts, Where do you start? What barrels can be used? How do you clean them? How …

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8 Mistakes To Avoid When You Bug Out


The SHTF and you have just made it to the wilderness after bugging out, So now what? If you have a plan in place then you are starting in the right direction. To avoid some mistakes a lot of campers or survivalist make then read this article and it will give you some good advice …

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How To Set Up Your First BeeHive


Honey is great for survival and living off-grid, here is just some of what it can do. It aids the body making it stronger to fight allergies. It prevents cancer and heart disease, reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders, its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and reduces cough and throat irritation, its also great for blood sugar regulation, …

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5 Steps to Follow After a SHTF situation!


    As prepper’s,  there are many questions we should be asking ourselves.  How will we react in a SHTF situation?  Do you have a plan in place thereby ensuring that the correct measures are followed without delay?  Have you made certain to have supplies on hand, such as, food, water, ammo, medical supplies, etc.  Well, we …

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7 Things You Should Know About Bushcraft

7 things

  Here’s a article by survivalcache.com. Its about 7 aspects of bushcraft, and how you need to keep them all in mind, when the situation arrives. If you learn these skills, and can use them in any jungle, desert, mountain terrain. Your bushcraft skills will help you stay alive.   7 Things You Should Know …

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How to Protect Your Bug Out Location


OK you planned ahead for a SHTF situation by storing water, food, medicine, weapons, ammo and more. Now if you are planning to bug out to a remote location, or stay put you are going to need to know how to protect you, your family, and all your gear. This article will teach you how …

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16 Tips For Going Off Grid


To be able to be completely self sufficient and free from the everyday work schedule is a dream a lot of us have. Being able to grow all the food we need for our family for the whole year, and knowing even if things get bad in the world you will be able to make …

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Build a Survival Library A Bug Out Tablet


Tablets, like the Kindle, Ipad, and Android are often overlooked pieces of gear on many survivalist sites. Many people don’t understand how they function, where they store data, and who has access to them. I believe they may turn out to be invaluable pieces of gear, they store tons of information, and the kindle, can …

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